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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

When the going gets tough...

The tough go to Goodwill?

It had been that kind of day. I'd gotten up early to take Maddy to the orthodontist to begin the braces process. Charlotte hadn't been up when I left, and by the time I got home for my brief, all too brief, stay at home, it was time for her to go back down for her nap. As I drove to the school for my first tutoring session, I was missing my babies, missing being at home, missing out on summer. I was discouraged at my lack of ability to get it together this summer--the house was still as messy as it was during the school year and I seem to be home only slightly more. There was just a general feeling of discontent.

I got to school, hoping to lose myself in teaching, in my summer kids. My first student was one that I had a few years ago. He was challenging at best then, but we forged a special bond anyways. So far this summer, he had been cooperative and somewhat pleasant. Until today. All the old frustrations came rushing back and for the first time this summer, I felt defeated at the end of a session. To be honest, I just wanted to go home. But I couldn't. I had three more students to work with and didn't have the time or gas to go home for an hour. So instead...I went shopping. At Goodwill.

Now you are probably thinking to yourself, "What kind of weirdo spends an hour looking through other people's stuff to relax and unwind?" That would be this one. And that little bit of incredibly cheap retail therapy worked its magic. I spent $35.00 and ended up with 2 cute dresses for Charlotte, 5 books for Sarah, 3 for Hannah, and these for me The selection was bleak. Too many books with a shirtless Fabian-type on the cover. Too many period novels. But I did manage to get enough to get me through the next couple of weeks. Many of them are trash...there is nothing of substance in the lot. OK, most of them are trash. Ok, OK, OK...all of them are trash, but they'll keep me entertained and read me to sleep for the rest of the summer.

I could have come out with about $100 in children's books too. In fact, I had them in the cart. But then I came to my senses, chose three for Hannah, and put the rest back. There were some great picture books, great chapter books, and someone had gotten rid of an entire reading program. It was HARD to resist. But seeing as I already have a classroom library of close to 1000 books--more than fit on the three bookshelves I have--it probably was a wise decision to put them back.

Tomorrow is my busiest day, and then one on Friday morning, and then THE WEEKEND!!! Isn't every day supposed to be the weekend during summer??? for thought!

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