As you come to him, the living Stone--rejected by men but chosen by God and precious to him--you also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ. 1 Peter 2: 4-5

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Have you figured it out yet?

Because, really, by now you should have. The best way for me to fail miserably at something is to announce it on the blog. Remember these?

*I'm going to get organized! Look at this great book! And...well...I lasted all of 5 weeks.

*I'm going to get healthy, lose weight, lower my blood pressure! And...well...that lasted until I lost weight, ate healthy for about three months and it didn't make one bit of difference!

*This summer, I'm going to tackle the laundry...and win! And aha! I've been doing laundry all day and I'm thisclose to catching up! And well...that was the last day I did laundry my friends. There goes the "I'm working all day and can't muster the time nor energy to get it done" excuse. And darn it, it was a good one!

So I should have should have known...when these words came out of my mouth (fingers) "I will blog every day this summer" that I was setting myself up for a fall. Sorry about that. Nature of this beast, I'm afraid. Starting with great enthusiasm? My forte. Finishing? Eh, not my thing. I think the only thing that I truly started and finished with enthusiasm(or actually, finished at all) was Couch to 5K. Yep, I ran. For like 30 minutes straight. For a whole 5K. That coveted Peachtree Roadrace T-shirt was in reach--one of those items on my bucket list. Until I realized that the Peachtree was a 10K and there was NO way that was happening. Sigh. It's still on my bucket list. Maybe I'll have to volunteer or something to get the t-shirt.

(So I won't even tell you that I have exercised 5 days in a row. Or that I've eaten NO junk food or had even one sip of diet coke pass my lips in a week. Because that would mean that I would log off and immediately eat myself into a twinkie and diet coke induced coma while planting my ample behind on the couch.)

One thing I am committed to, and I KNOW without a doubt I will continue, though, is reading to my kids. I read to the big kids every day--Josh, even, every day in the womb. When they got too old to read to, I started the 30 minute, Drop Everything And Read, rule in our house where the kids and I would all read for thirty minutes a day. And now, I don't have to make them read...they do it on their own. And I intend to continue this with Hannah and Charlotte.
There is no better way to foster a good student, a good reader, a good writer, a good vocabulary than to read.

And to show you just how committed I am to this, I will allow this blurry picture of a tired, sweaty me with my sweet girls during our "reading" time to be posted. My vanity loses to my love of literature!

And now if you will excuse me, Hannah's standing next to me with a pile of books to read. Gotta love it!

PS--thank you Melinda for putting me over the top! (or at least into double digits!)

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