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Sunday, November 7, 2010

30 Days of Thankfulness Day 6

Day 6: Yesterday, I was thankful for my wonderful inlaws, Nanny and PawPaw, for watching the little girls yesterday so I could go and enjoy Sarah's cheer competition. What a blessing and relief it was not to have to drag Hannah and Charlotte and all of their assorted stuff with me to Peachtree City, and an even bigger blessing to be able to sit in the stands and watch the competition like the other parents (most of whom do NOT have teenagers and toddlers....hmmmmm).

We took Tori with us, as she had spent the night the night before. Maddy and Tori are competition cheerleader wannabes. They'll be trying out for the team next year when they are in high school. Did I just say high school?????

They were the first to compete that afternoon. Here they are just ready to begin. Sarah is the one wisely wearing the knee brace.

Mid-routine. Here they are doing their "one mans." (Don't I sound like I know what I am talking about here?)
And at the end.

It was not their best routine, they had a few falls, but they came in 2nd place in their division. They were hoping for first place so they could go straight to State Championships this weekend. Instead, they'll compete in sectionals on Friday, and when (not if! they place in the top eight in sectionals, they'll go to the state championship on Saturday.
Either way, they're/we're Columbus bound on Friday!

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