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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hannah's latest obsession....

Preface: I don't know why I can't separate paragraphs in this post...and the grammar/English geek in me is cringeing posting this, but whatever.....

***She discovered this movie last week when I was gathering some movies to take to school. I wanted to find a movie that my vidoe savvy first graders hadn't seen in hopes that I would be able to get a little work done. She immediately claimed Alice and 101 Dalmations as her own. I figured Alice would scare her with the mean Queen of Hearts and all of the strange creatures, and that she would love "the puppy movie." Was I ever wrong. She loves Alice and has almost memorized the entire thing (and yes, I do realize what that says about me as a mother that my 3 year old has nearly memorized a full length movie), and 101 Dalmations scared the daylights out of her...think it was Cruella.
***We are on day 2 of wearing big girl panties. Actually, it really should be more like day 1, since she didn't put them on until last night after we got home at 4ish. I wasn't too hopeful, since about ten minutes after she put them on, she went outside with Daryl and pooped in them. But this morning, for the first time ever, she got out of her bed by herself (usually she screams Moooommmmy until someone comes and gets her), came to our room, walked past us to the bathroom, and tee tee'd on the potty. Then said that she "didn't want the nasty pull up" and wanted her big girl panties.
***As for's amazing how much better you feel when you actually follow the doctor's directions. I went in to work yesterday and despite sitting as much as I could...not much...I felt awful--achy, crampy, nauseous. I did get my room completely packed up and finished, though, so I don't have to go back except supervising getting it all into storage and setting up class rolls for next year. Then I went out and spent every last cent on my gift cards that I got from my kids and their parents. Got lots of books, some baby stuff, and some storage to keep the baby stuff in until she actually has a room/dresser/closet (which if history repeats itself, will be well after she is born) I knew I was overdoing it with so much walking, but also knew that Daryl would not let me out to do it. Then came home and let everyone else do the working. Daryl took care of dinner, Josh drove all the way to McDonough during rush hour to get Sarah from the movies, and I sat. I feel so much better this morning.
What do you know...the doctors DO know more than I do! :)

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