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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Just a little bit closer...

to baby Noname having a name...

Last night, my darling husband took me out to dinner--Waffle House, ,lest you get all excited, but one of our favorites! Since we had a good twenty-thirty minutes of uninterrupted time together, I broached the subject once again of naming this baby. Not sure why he is dragging his heels on this one, as we had Hannah all picked out way in advance (Me? for 14 years...Josh was going to be Hannah, Sarah was going to be Hannah, Maddy was going to be Hannah...never fit til she came along). He said he was just waiting for something to jump out at him that he loved, so I decided to throw some at him.

Knowing he is a thinker, I e-mailed him my list. He deleted the ones he didn't like, highlighted the ones he liked the most, and sent it back. Out of that list, I highlighted the ones I liked the best and sent it back. Out of that exchange, we have the following short list of names now:


(sadly, he vetoed some of my very favorites--Sadie, Lily, Lila Grace)

The kids like Charlotte, but I'm not sure it goes with our other names. Hannah's choices? First it was Sticks and trees, and now it's Alice. Wonder where she got that from???

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