As you come to him, the living Stone--rejected by men but chosen by God and precious to him--you also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ. 1 Peter 2: 4-5

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


How blessed I am feeling today! We have wonderful friends and family who have prayed us through this pregnancy, brought us enough food for at least a week so I don't have to cook or shop, and share in our excitement at welcoming Charlotte into our family.

I have a happy, healthy, mellow (for now) sweet baby girl
I have my sweet sweet Maddy, who loves the Lord and isn't afraid to sing praises to Him at chapel time. Sorry for the poor photo quality...the camera was on the wrong setting and I forgot to take the good one. Maddy is on the right, and she and her friends sang verses of the old hymn "I Surrender All." So beautiful.

I have my sweet sweet Sarah, who is such a little momma and has taken such good care of Hannah, me, and Charlotte during these past few days. She is such a nurturing spirit and will be such a good momma some day. She makes me so proud to be her mom!

I have this amazing boy--who is no longer a boy, but growing into a man, longing for the heart of God. He is an awesome boyfriend, friend, son, leader, and as much as he hates to admit it or show it, brother.

And I have this sweet second "first" baby, who is trying so hard to be a big sister and working on not being jealous. Sometimes she wins that battle, sometimes not so much, and I just want to be able to give her everything she needs and still take care of the baby.

And how could I forget this dear sweet hubby, who pulled himself out of kidney stone horror to be a cheerful, supportive labor coach, a hand to hold, and held down the fort at home as well.
God is so good!

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