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Sunday, August 30, 2009

cheer, a few tears, and senior year...

Maddy had her first game as a middle school cheerleader this Saturday night. Hannah, Sarah, and I set out to watch her cheer, and Daryl stayed home with Charlotte.

What is a football game without the concession stand??? Sarah and Hannah enjoyed push-pops!

Here's Hannah's original outift...decked out in her Charger wear. Let's just say we had to change clothes half way through the game. Sigh.
Getting ready for the team to run through!

It's Kick-off time....

During the half-time show...

This evening, I went to pick up the big kids from church and was greeted upon my return by a mostly naked Hannah, running down the driveway, yelling, "I spilled it all over the floor!" I didn't think much of it, as we routinely spill things all over the floor in this house, and usually all it takes is a towel to clean it up. Until I really looked at her....and saw...fingernail polish ALL OVER HER BODY!

And the carpet. It appears that along with the pencils, baby dolls, paper, and various other toys in the Dora backpack was a bottle of fingernail polish. (There was also a piece of Daryl's catheter --not a gross part, but still...ewww)

And just when I thought dealing with a busy preschooler and newborn all at once was quite enough, Daryl hands me a package and says, "Did you see Josh's senior pictures?" Oh. my. My heart. My baby boy. A senior. Of course I know he is a senior, but these pictures just took my breath away. He looks so grown up, such a man, such a senior.

It may just be harder to adjust to having a senior than it is to having a newborn. She is coming into this world, assimilating herself into our world. He is getting ready to leave our world and go out into the "real" world. They are both equally expensive...formula and diapers every week vs. the cost of senior pictures, senior ads in the year book, class rings, etc. Both her arriving and him graduating stir such deep deep emotions, such love, and just a bit of anxiety. My first baby and my last baby...each with a firm grasp on a piece of my heart.
It really does seem like not so long ago that I brought him home from the tiny like Charlotte, no hair like Charlotte, such a good baby. And although I know that it is my job as a parent to raise him up to this give him roots and wings, my heart, so full with love, breaks just a little bit every time I think of it!

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