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Monday, August 24, 2009

What a weekend!

I have lots of pictures of our busy weekend, but for some reason, I can't seem to upload them. Grrrrrr......

It started on Friday afternoon, with Daryl getting his "procedure" done to remove his kidney stones...which failed miserably. Then Saturday, as he lay around the house being miserable, I went to grocery store to stock up--the plan was to spend Sunday making a bunch of freezer meals, so that the next few weeks would be easier for me. We went to the park with Hannah, and we got Frosty's on the way home. Then later on Saturday, drove to Locust Grove to watch Josh compete in a cross country meet.

All day on Saturday, I had contractions, but really not regular.

Which is why on Sunday, when I got up to go the bathroom at 4 am and my water broke, I was surprised. Surprised even Daryl, who had taken a pain pill just 2 hours before assured by my snoring that Charlotte was still a while away.

Got to the hospital around 4:30, got checked, and wouldn't you know it....1 cm. I was disappointed, and then horrified when the midwife told me that I needed pitocin and needed to wait until I was uncomfortable until I got my epidural. Uncomfortable soon started and turned into horrendous, horrendous, unbearable pain. Over and over, on top of each other...2 minutes long. I guess that she considered that uncomfortable, and finally gave me the most wonderful invention ever...the epidural. (Kristin...even that you want to do this...major major major kudos...You and the Chinese women who squat in the rice fields have my utmost respect and awe).

After the epidural, she checked me agian and I was totally ready to push. I think, probably, that I was getting close anyways when the anesthesiologist came. We waited about half an hour and then in 1 1/2 pushes, she was here! When Hannah was born, I was happy...I was in awe...I was in love already. This time, it took my breath away and made me giggle and cry at the same time. She was just so fast and so tiny, compared to Hannah, and looked like none of my other kids.

So we are home, after a very unrestful night at the hospital, and very glad to be here. I'm exhausted to the point of being dizzy at times...probably from getting up at 4 to have a baby and then maybe 2 hours of sleep...but loving it, and her.

So much for a Sunday filled with cooking, huh?

Hopefully, pictures posted later!!!


  1. Oh lisa! Congrats! A healthy baby girl is such a blessing. Thanks for the update. I am dying to see pics of my sweet cousin! Love you guys!

  2. Congratulations! My first one was natural by accident (epidural "didn't take" and I swore I'd never have a baby again and what a shame. But the 2nd was perfect with the epidural and it really was a fantastic experience. I'm glad everything went well for you and she's healthy!