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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Getting ready...finally...

How do you go about nesting if you don't have a nursery and it is apparent that you will not have one any time soon????

You get out the pack n' play and put it in the living room so Hannah and the dogs can get used to it being there. Hannah actually squealed when she saw it, pronounced it just like the one that she slept in at Grandma's house, and wanted in immediately. Then, for the next 30 minutes, climbed in and out with various toys. It's still missing the part for the top--that makes it more suitable for a newborn (higher off the ground and a changing table attached) so I guess I'll let her have her fun now. (And it's better than going around with a paci in her mouth, which is what she did for an entire evening--she never took a paci as a hard as I tried.)

You paint the dresser and rocking chair. The dresser, I believe, was in my brother's room when he was a baby, and has been through many transformations over the years. We have sweet pink knobs to put on once it's dry, and then to get it together and her clothes in. It'll be in our room, but that's ok! And then you go and buy some of that sweet baby smelling detergent and wash all of her clothes, blankets, etc. And even though I know that it's no better than regular detergent...I love the new baby smell. to work on the ubiquitous lesson plans....

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