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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Part 2

Can I just say that I have the best family in the world?  I didn't just have Mother's Day, I had Mother's Day weekend.  It started on Friday, with Hannah's Mother's Day Tea, where I got this precious calendar.  Each  month has a different picture on it.
And October's picture just about melts my heart with it's cuteness. 
 Every year since we have been married, Daryl has made me a gift with the kids.  The Saturday night before Mother's Day, he leaves me to spend time by myself and takes them to Michael's and then out to eat.  This year, they made this cute clock to go in our new breakfast room.  Love it, love it, love it.
 At church, they placed a bouquet of flowers on the communion table in honor of me.
 They made me feel so appreciated and so loved.  But truth be told, the best Mother's Day gift I ever got was the privelege of being their mother.

My boy....who made me a mom for the first time. 
 My sweet Sarah, my mini me.
 My unpredictable, passionate, determined Madeline.
 My long awaited for Hannah.
 And my sweet surprise, Charlotte.  
And how could I forget my sweet husband?  I'm not his mother, but he makes it a point to honor me every day, and to make sure that the children do too.  I am so touched, every year, that he undertakes the yearly Mother's Day craft.  And this year, I found out (after the fact, of course) that he was suffering from kidney stone pain throughout it all.

How blessed am I?


  1. I believe blessed is an understatement... I think spoiled with love is more like it =)
    Happy Mother's Day!
    Please be sure to link up and create a Monday Memory post on your blog with my new blog hop.

  2. It sounds like you had an AWESOME Mother's Day and you deserved it :)

    BTW, that clock idea is ADORABLE! I'm definitely going to have to steal that idea for our little boy to do for his grandmother's next year :)

  3. you are so blessed!

  4. This posts is so heartwarming! I so love the clock with their hand prints on it. You are so blessed with your adorable family! I am happy for you.