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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Top Ten

Top Ten Things I Would Blog About If I Had Time to Blog

1.  Why I could never have a nanny. Or, in other words, our babysitter had surgery today and Josh's girlfriend is watching Charlotte every day.  On one hand, we are very grateful to have Maranda, someone who loves Charlotte and who Charlotte loves, come to our rescue.  On the other hand, she is coming into our home every day.  Which means our usual (read: my usual) housekeeping skills had to be stepped up.  And this time of year?  Just too hard.  On the plus side, I did get a good sweat going on mopping the floors until the water ran clear.

2.  Speaking of sweat....I still hate to exercise.  I really really really want to be one of those people who loves it.  Really.  But I don't.  It makes me sweat buckets.  It makes me super hungry.  And I spend the whole time thinking about all of the other things I should or wished I was doing.  Talking myself out of the mommy guilt.

3.  Arnold Schwarzeneggar is scum.  So is the lady who faked her own kidnapping by pretending to call from the trunk of a car.  And the lady who smothered her baby so she could go out west to meet a man she met online.  What is wrong with people?

4.  Choices.  I've made choices with what to do with my evenings lately.  And what has it gotten me?  Hours and hours of schoolwork that has to be completed and turned in by next Friday at noon.  I've made choices with my footwear lately.  Chosen cute over comfortable.  Too high or too low.  And what has it gotten me?  A flare up of my plantar's fascitis and a month long regimen of anti-imflammatories.
I've finally chosen ME and my health over sleeping late(r) on Saturday mornings and doing housework/meeting the needs of my children after dinner.  I've started going to Weight Watcher meetings and exercising regularly.  And what has it gotten me?  It hasn't gotten me anything, but it has taken something...12.2 pounds, baby!

5.  "I can't believe you are going to leave me here!  I want to go with you!  My butt officially looks like a failure!"  and other funny Hannah sayings.

6.  Administrators that ask for your input and then ignore it, especially when their decisions don't affect anyone else but me.  Enough said.  Harumph.

7.  Why having four dogs and no grass in your back yard is a bad idea.  Why said four dogs think it is a must to get into any and all trash cans, even though they have just been fed.  And the proof that when you lose one sense the others go into overdrive, or how our old blind cocker can find a dirty diaper or used sanitary napkin, even though she pees inside on the carpet because she thinks it is grass and routinely runs into walls.

8.  Sisters. love love them.

10.  I really don't have time to blog!


  1. You know I'm nodding and laughing and agreeing ... I too HATE to exercise. Everyone says you get such a RUSH afterwards; personally, it just makes me feel like going to take a nap. :(~ Congrats though on your 12.2 lbs weight loss -that is AWESOME!!! :)
    And just a little FYI: I know of a school w/a WONDERFUL administrator who would NEVER disregard a teacher's preference or advice, so if you're looking for a GREAT place to work, we need teachers ... just sayin'!! ;) LOL

  2. I just laughed a LOT :) Thank you!

    And congrats on losing the 12.2lbs! WAY TO GO :)

  3. #6 -- Do they read your blog? lol...

    I'm with you on the housekeeping and exercising, but it is a good idea to combine them!