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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

It's Tuesday again, which top ten random thoughts/questions of the day!

1.  What is the fascination with the sock basket?  Below is our sock basket....minus socks.  Now in case you are wondering, yes...we do have that many socks that aren't folded and put away.  And no....none of them are in there right now.  Because each and every day, Charlotte makes a beeline for it and empties it, throwing them in the air.  And then she sits in it for approximately 5.6 seconds before getting out and going somewhere else to play.

2.  What would I do if I had a regular job?  You know, a job where you have to work all year, instead of getting a week off every 6-8 weeks and 8 weeks in the summer?  Because right now?  I . want. to. pull. my. hair. out for about 6 1/2 hours of the 7 hours I have my "kids."  Summer cannot get here fast enough!

3.  Speaking of my "kids,"  what is it with these shoes?

I have had these shoes for way longer than I should admit (15 years...ack).  And at least once (usually many more times) a child will come up to me and ask why I only have four toes.  In fact, it usually is a topic of great discussion before some brave soul comes up and ask me.  I guess I must have abnormally short pinkie toes, because I promise....five toes on both feet!

4.  What do you do when you want your bottle, but your mom is trying to wean you from it and won't give it to you?

And then, if that doesn't work, you do the next best thing.  You find a two liter Dr. Pepper and throw it at your mother.

And if your mom is old and tired and has been about to pull her hair out all day, she'll probably give in just to make you stop crying.

5.  Is there a way to get on "What Not to Wear" without the humiliating yourself in front of millions of people?  Because really...I seriously want $5,000 to go clothes shopping.  I mean seriously.  And I do think I own enough huge butt covering sweaters/shirts/tunics that I think I would qualify--that and my penchant for big hair and my love of my holey leggings.  Just saying.

6.  I started my husband on Weight Watchers this week (by his request).  I have been on it for a month.  I have lost 10.2 pounds.  How much you want to bet that he loses that much this week?

7.  Anyone have any idea how "ah-gee, ah-gee" translates into "pick me up please?"  Because this is what Charlotte chants with arms held up high every time she wants me to pick her up.  I know what it means.  Where did it come from though?

8.  In Hannah's lifetime, I have cooked approximately 1,225 meals for her.  Why then is cold cereal the one meal that gets this reaction?

9.  And why, even though NO cereal makes it into her mouth when she does it herself, will she not let me help her?

10.  Why is it that I am exhausted and falling asleep on the couch by 9:00, yet at 4:30 am, I am wide awake?  So annoying.

And the random photos of the day (they are going to kill me!)


  1. L. O. L. =D
    I love your top ten. It really looks like you have only four toes.
    I would have given her the baba too! I am still nursing Squishy (14 months) and I have no clue how I am going to ween. I don't even want to think about it!

  2. What a fun post!! :) I have those SAME SHOES (but mine are only 12 1/2 years old!!). :) Good luck w/ the weaning ... we're working on weaning from nursing twice a day to bottles -- and while everyone says "it's not hurry" I'm ready to be DONE. Good luck!! :)
    We only have 12 1/2 more school days here - praying we make it - and you do too.

  3. HA! I love this and it made me laugh...a lot :) I especially like those last two pictures!

    And I worked at a shoe store so I have more shoes than I will ever admit to, and sandals that have a strap across the top, whether it's big or little, almost always hide pinky toes...I have no explanation for you...I can only tell you that it happens to EVERYBODY! Even people with "monkey toes" (that's what we called really long-toed people) :)

  4. 1 - When my 4-year old Matthew was Charlotte's age, he was fascinated with the hamper. He was just there inside it, and would even bring his toys there too.
    4 - I weaned Matthew from his bottle by serving him his milk on a cup with a colorful straw on it. He forgot about the bottle because he was fascinated with the straw.
    5 - A $5,000 shopping money for clothes just for myself would be great!
    10 - I hope you get a really good night sleep, that starts whatever time you want and wake up whatever time you want, refreshed, ready for the day ahead!

  5. Love the toe comments! I've only gotten a couple of personal comments in my career - one teenage boy asked me if I colored my hair because he thought it was darker the last time he saw me (weird), and one 6-yr-old boy got close to my face and said, "You look really OLD." (Thus the Meaningful Beauty!)

  6. I love the sock hamper story and pic as well as your four toes. lol...