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Friday, July 3, 2009

Fun in the Afternoon...

Two posts in one hasn't happened in ....well...never! But I took some pictures today that will honestly not fit anywhere else, and were too cute (or strange) to not share.

Josh wondered if his jean shorts were blog-worthy...and then posed for a picture.

Here is Sarah, our dessert chef for the night. She made buster bars for dessert...which were part wonderful, and well, part chewy. Something we did (and we did follow the directions perfectly!) was not right. But delicious all the same!
Hannah and her poo poo prizes. This is her basket of goodies that she gets to pick out of when she poops in the potty. Every day, she likes to look at all of them. Up until today, they were all treasure box cast offs from my classroom, but we ran out and had to make a trip to the dollar store. I meant to do this without her, but everyone was asleep or out working, so she had to come with me. That was an experience. She walked the aisles, loading her arms with everything that she saw that she wanted. (If you are old enough, you might remember the movie, "The Jerk" with Steve Martin. It reminded me of the scene where he was leaving his house, loading his arms with "just one more thing." )

This hobby horse is one thing that she chose that was not a poo poo prize...simply because it didn't fit in the box and it was too cute to pass up for only a dollar.

WARNING: The story behind this next picture is gross and falls under the category of Too Much Information. But as this blog was created to capture our family memories, and this was one I didn't want to forget (so we could torture her in her later years), I thought I would share anyways. Last night, Daryl asked her if she wanted sprinkles on her ice cream. She said yes, of course...who doesn't love sprinkles? Then after Daryl remarked that he wasn't sure that we had sprinkles, she replied, "I have sprinkles!" When we asked her where, she replied...straight face..."In my butt!" Since then, she has been purposely trying to make us laugh with her "Yucky Butt Sprinkles" that she wants us to put on everything!

By the way: We have told her that she is not to offer her "yucky butt sprinkles" to anyone outside of the if you come over...beware!

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