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Friday, July 24, 2009

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Back to Work I go...

Can you tell by the recent lack of posts that I've returned to work? Pre-planning doesn't officially begin until Monday, but I know from experience and the memo we were sent that most of our time will be spent in meetings and not in our classrooms, so I went in for a few hours this week to get things ready. My classroom is student ready--except for things I can't do without having my class list--and I have planned and prepared for the first day (Friday) and the first week. Impressively efficient, huh? NOT! As usual, I can't seem to be on the ball at school and at home, and the house has returned to usual "pit-like" state--laundry undone, floors unclean, toys everywhere, and too much reminder of dog. Someday, somehow, I will find balance between work and home. I realistically do not expect this to happen for a few years at least--I remember all too well the people who have had to come in and help me get it together after the births of all of my girls!

There haven't been many picture opportunities this week, pretty much because I've hit the ground running (or waddling, that is) every morning with the alarm (and the ONE day I could stay in bed, Hannah joined us at 6, asking if the sun was up and it was time to play yet...sigh) and not gotten home until dinner time. And then...I was so incredibly worn out. I sure do hope it gets easier as I get used to it!

Not even sure when this picture was taken...seems as if Sarah and Hannah were playing with my camera. Thought it was a super cute picture though! seem to be playing with the camera quite a bit these days!

Really not a good picture of Hannah, eyes closed and all, but I was trying to capture the cuteness of the situation...In her hands is a little purse with two dollars in it. She was going to Dollar Tree with the baby sitter and brought her own money to spend. She is also demonstrating her latest skill...opening the automatic window with her toe!
This morning, before we left for the sitter's house/school, Hannah said good-bye to the big kids. Sarah and Josh were off to the lake to spend some fun in the sun with my parents, and Maddy would be going straight from helping me at school to a cheerleading lock-in. So Hannah had big "huggy wuggies" for every one!

She loves her brother and sisters so much...and as much as they hate to admit it, and as much as she annoys them sometimes, they adore her too. It makes me a little sad that Josh won't really be around for this little one's early childhood like he has been for Hannah. Josh told me the other day it made him a little sad too. What a great big brother!

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