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Thursday, June 25, 2009

All in a day's work...or play...

There's not a whole lot going on around here, really, but some pictures none the less!
See that little speck in the picture below? That would be Hannah. she was showing me where earlier...just 2 hours earlier...she had gotten "stuck." Seems as if when I was taking Sarah to cheer camp, Daryl sent Hannah to go get a pair of panties. Instead, our little nature lover decided to chase a bird out into the yard. She got "stuck" when she realized that she was surrounded by chestnuts (otherwise known as meanie means) and started crying. Daryl heard her and rescued her...and much to his surprise, not only was she in the yeard, but with only her t-shirt on. Can you say, "Child Services??"
I don't know why this surprised me...and I guess, it really didn't. She has, of late, been prone to see a squirrel, a flower, a bird outside and run outside to chase it...all by herself. She seems to be running everywhere she goes. We took a walk during one of my 15 minute "up" periods yesterday. This is what I saw the entire time...
Finally, when she stopped to pick flowers, I would catch up with her. There is something to be said about being a young mother!!!!
Today's big activity, (besides running ahead of me in the pet store) was painting with the water colors. Here is my little artist...
And my big artist, showing off her modern art techniques.

Daryl has been working hard too...getting the foundation poured.

He also made a special trip to Covington to pick up a crib that one of the sweet ladies from church gave to us. We had no place to store it, so for now, it is behind Hannah's bed. Since Hannah hasn't used her bed in a while (completely different story), it's fine for now. I am getting itchy to start getting ready for this baby that could come in less than nine weeks now. I feel woefully unprepared, and I will admit to this stressing me out just a tad. (Daryl would argue with the "just a tad" part)

And...we're picking up a rocking chair tomorrow!! Cracker Barrell--60% off sale...gotta love a good bargain!

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