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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Fun

While I have sat...and sat....and sat...everyone else is having a fun summer!

When the kids went to camp/the beach, we went to Wally World and got Hannah some games and other activities to keep her mind and hands occupied in a way that did not involve the television. One of the things I brought home that she had very little interest in were the stringing beads. (I also knew that this was something she should be able to do for her age, but couldn't yet) Finally, after the newness of Lucky Ducks, Cootie, and Moo-no wore off, she sat down and tried them and loved them!

"Mom! The ice cream truck is coming!" This not from my 3 year old, but my 17 year old! Here they are waiting for the truck--that was playing Christmas carols by the way...

And here is Hannah enjoying her Dora ice cream, that she discarded once she found out she had to stay in the kitchen! (I told Sarah to take a picture of them at the ice cream truck, but Josh "wouldn't let her."

And then of course...Daryl's birthday today, which he spent

working on the addition...

playing "let's just lay on the floor and sleep"-his words, not mine, and clearly not Hannah's idea of fun!

And blowing out the candles on his peach cobbler...with a little help!

As for me, I don't know if there is much fun going on, but I am slowly but surely getting organized for this baby. Today I worked on cleaning out my closet...separating the clothes that I could wear now from those that will not fit for a good looooong time. Yesterday, I took this:

plus the various things I have accumulated in the last few weeks through consignment and stuff I didn't sell on e-bay, and organized it to see what we still need. My conclusion? We didn't realize how lucky we were last time to have so many showers...and I certainly didn't remember how much stuff it takes to have a baby!
Tomorrow we are off to the free movie with Hannah (sitting, the car, in the movie too!)

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