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Saturday, June 13, 2009

They're back....

and I couldn't be happier! They are some tired tired children--weary travelers I should call them, and while they probably wish that they were back at the beach, I am so very grateful to have them all under one roof--my roof--tonight.
Here's Maddy, right after dinner, before heading to an early bedtime. She got no sleep last night, as they had to travel all night to Miami and then hang out at the airport until their plane left at 5:45. Wasn't the plan, but with the storms in Atlanta, flights were cancelled, and it was either drive to Miami or wait until Tuesday to come home. Look how tan and beautiful she looks!

And here's my Sarah...a bit more weary looking, but after a full 12 hours of sleep. She and Josh got in last night at 7:00 after being up most of the night before bowling and doing whatever else teenagers do instead of sleep in the middle of the night! When we were picking them up, one of the counselors told me how very much she looks like me...what a compliment to ME!
I took a picture of Josh, sacked out on the couch, but in a moment of brilliance, I took the picture without the memory card in the camera, so it is lost forever. This new way of taking and saving pictures is going to take some getting used to and I am going to need to shed my absent minded tendencies!

And here's my sweet Hannah, showing off her new skills using her "big girl scissors." She's not real good at it --we're working on that and walking in flip flops--but she loves it. Me? I'm glad she is getting the hang of it, but there are now tiny pieces of paper all over my house!

So, they are all home and all is back to normal in our house--including the messes. I thought just for a minute this past week that I had a handle on the laundry, the housework. I think, though, that it was just the difference of only having one child at home versus four! If the mess comes with the kids...I'll take the mess any day!

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