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Friday, June 12, 2009

A new high--or low--in naptime stalling...

So, I know she doesn't do this at Kay Kay's....stalling when it is time to go to bed, that is. At night, it's always..."Just one more minute..." Fine. We wait a minute, take her to bed, and usually, that's the end of the story. Naptime...different story...different book altogether.

She and I nap together. This is a way to actually get her to sleep--because she is right there with me--and a nice guarantee of a two hour stretch of time for me to read or sleep. Before we get to the bedroom, she has a snack, a drink, goes to the bathroom, I read her a book. Once in the bed, she has to go to the bathroom again, her "throat hurts" and needs a drink, needs a baby, needs an M&M as a reward for going to the bathroom, wants me to rub her back, her tummy, her head. It is literally a 45 minutes process to get to the sleeping part.

Today, she added just a little twist..."My baby needs a book to read." Now...any other mother with one shred of discipline would say, "No. You are going to sleep. End of story." But this tired, tired of fighting mama said..."Go get one book," and then opened my book and started reading.
Ten minutes later,....this is what I found all over the middle level of our house. All of her babies, with their books.

This one below is napping in the naughty chair, by the way--the place she probably should go to time-out more often than she does.

But hey...after she got this done, there was only one round of "rub my back" and she was out like a light. Whatever works...
And gosh...we need to paint!

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