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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jinxing myself????

So do you see this sweet "not so baby" girl? The one who ran into her room and slammed the door and yelled, "I don't wanna take a picture!"? For the last 5 days, this sweet girl has had no accidents of any kind!!! Dare I say we are well on our way to being potty trained???

In other not so exciting news...

28 week dr. appointment today. 3 hour glucose test. appointment with the midwife. all is well.

*measuring right on track
*baby still breech - which can I say concerns me, as all of my other kids were head down by this time, and this one...NEVER during the whole pregnancy. Did I say that even the thought of a c-section scares me to death? My sister in law swears by them, really she does. But to me, I like being able to walk around and be normal a few hours after giving birth, like the idea of going home the next day, like the idea of not being cut open, an easy recovery. I know there is still time, and I am hoping and praying that this little one will flip and come out the way she should!
*blood pressure--good
*weight--no comment
*contractions-- absolutely NONE the whole time being monitored!!!

So, she said keep doing what I am doing. 31 weeks--3 weeks from today--was the time I was hospitalized for pre-term labor last time and given a magnesium sulfate drip (nasty stuff, let me tell you), and put on bedrest. That will be a major milestone, to pass that date. If you would have asked me three weeks ago if I thought I could make it without being put on bedrest, I would have thought there was no way, but with all of this rest, all of this sitting, I am feeling really really good about it this time! I still wish I could get out and get some exercise, but I think I'll stick to trips to and from the washing machine for now!

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