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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Joshua!!!

This weekend has been all about Josh. Friday night was about getting him from the airport. Saturday, our plan was to go to Red Lobster to celebrate his birthday and then to circus. However, there was an hour wait at Red Lobster, even at 4:15, so we ate at Dwarf House instead. Then today is his real birthday and we celebrated at home. I can't believe my baby boy is 17 years old today. That sounds so much older than 16 for some reason, although I don't know why.

Here's Hannah coming out of the Dwarf House. She just loves the little door, and she was rarin' to go to the circus! I made her take a nap before we went, and from the moment she awoke, she thought we should go to the circus "right now!"Here's the gang in our seats...couldn't get Hannah to smile. I think she is tired of me following her around with a camera!
Daryl gave us all $20 to buy souvenirs...and here is his. So very very Daryl.
Out of all of us, I think Maddy enjoyed it the most. Between the sights, the sounds, and the food, she had a blast!
Here is Hannah with her beloved elephants. She didn't want a glowing sword or a light up swingy thing...she wanted these elephants, and has carried them around ever since.
Here's Josh on his actual birthday, blowing out his candles on his ice cream. He doesn't like cake, and so I just put letters and candles on the top of a carton of Moose Tracks. They all enjoyed Moose Tracks ice cream cones afterwards (I, being the diligent weight watcher that I am, had a 2 point Weight Watcher ice cream cup, thank you very much!)

And just a random picture of Josh opening his pictures. I just think he looks handsome.
I am missing my laptop right now. It had a wonderful program where I could fix all of the pictures. I feel like all of these pictures are blurry and far away! I must figure out how to do this on the desktop.

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