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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ambien is crack

There is nothing blogworthy going on in our house today...just hanging out and finishing things before the BIG day tomorrow....Daryl and I go back to school. Sigh. I've packed clothes for Hannah, cleaned the kitchen, gone grocery shopping, changed Hannah's clothes 5 times!!, and helped Hannah clean her room because in her words, "I hate my room. It's messy." Time to watch the kid's mouths more carefully...she's been telling people to shut up and calling the cat stupid. I'm tired. And not just because of all I've done today but because as my title says...Ambien is crack. At least it's my crack.

I've always known I had an addictive personality--food, diet coke, afrin. but little did I know what havoc the wonder drug Ambien would play on my sleep schedules. I took 1/4 of 5 mg. of Ambien 4 nights ago to calm a panic attack. 4 nights later and my mind cannot go to sleep at night. I had forgotten about how it affected in the world would I function had I taken a whole pill??? I was up until 2:30, just laying there "just about to fall asleep" but couldn't get there. Finally, after a hot bath, and reading a book, I fell asleep about 3:30 and woke up at 7. Hopefully this is the last night of this and I will sleep like a baby tonight so I will be able to function at work tomorrow. In the meantime, consider this your public service announcement--STEP AWAY FROM THE AMBIEN!

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