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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday morning crescent rolls...

It was a cold lazy Saturday morning, and I was up way too early (thanks, Maddy). When Hannah woke up (3 hours after me. Again, thanks Maddy), she was "hungy." So we made her very favorite--crescent rolls!

Maddy awoke duing this...well rested, may I say...and not the least bit sick anymore. (Did I mention to thank Maddy?)
Hannah helped fold them up "all by myself!"

They must have been good, because she ate 4 of them! Apparently, this is a favorite at Ms. Kay's house. It's amazing how fast 16 crescent rolls can disappear in this house.
The rest of our day was spent fighting off violent waves of nausea as I took the girls to Tanger outlet mall to spend their birthday money, and at the grocery store, and then setting up my new laundry system. In my early hours awake (need I say it?) I started thinking..."Oh my gosh! How am I going to handle 7 people's laundry when I can't even handle 6? When I couldn't even handle 4?" So after much perusing large family blogs and websites, I came up with a system that I think might just work for us...although laundry pile diving seems to be a popular sport in our house! I'll post pictures and explanations tomorrow. I've got to go to bed. This baby...may I kicking my behind.

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