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Saturday, April 2, 2011

The ABC's of Me

Just because I vowed to post every day, and my day filled with laundry, cleaning, and packing isn't going to garner any cute pictures....

A. Age: 43 (For a short time last week, I thought I was still 42.  I think I may be showing my age!)

B. Bed size: Queen.  We had a king size on our honeymoon, and we ended up on the opposite sides of the bed every morning, so maybe a queen is a good idea, though, when Hannah ends up in our bed, a king would be nice!

C. Chore you hate: Laundry, dishes, floors, bathrooms...maybe it should be a chore I like?

D. Dogs: Four! (and why I thought this was a good idea....I'll never know!)

E. Essential start to your day: coffee or diet coke

F. Favorite color: purple, turquoise, orange, hot pink

G. Gold or silver: Silver

H. Height: 5'9"

I. Instruments: "Played" the clarinet in sixth grade, piano, and the keyboard part of the organ

J. Job title: first grade teacher

K. Kids: Five!  Josh (19), Sarah (16), Madeline (14), Hannah (almost 5), Charlotte (1.5)

L. Live: in Lake City...the city with no lakes, but on a street named after one of the "great" ones!

M. Mom’s name: Nora, but she goes by Noni

N. Nicknames: My mom calls me bits.  In college, my nickname at work was Wheels, because the guys I worked with thought I had great legs.  Those were the days....

O. Overnight hospital stays: knee surgery when I was 16, all five kiddos, and then an overnight stay when pregnant with Hannah for pre-term labor.  Stayed overnight in the hospital with Josh twice and Sarah once when they were little and had pneumonia

P. Pet peeve: many--I find myself easily annoyed lately.  But the big ones are loud chewers (lifetime annoyance there...just ask my brother!); people who don't spell, punctuate, or capitalize correctly; people reading over my shoulder

Q. Quote from a movie: How sad is it that I can't think of one except from Barbie and the Twelve Dancing Princesses?
R. Right or left handed: Right

S. Siblings: one younger sister, one younger brother
T. Time you wake up: Routinely at 4:00-4:15.  am.  then I go back to sleep until the alarm clock goes off or Charlotte does
U. Underwear: Yes, please.  TMI:  realized yesterday I have not bought new underwear of any kind since I've been married.  How sad is that?

V. Vegetables you dislike: sweet peas, cooked carrots, any kind of greens

W. What makes you run late: I am usually anally on time or early.  If I am late it is because Hannah throws a fit and wants something before we leave...or I can't find anything to wear.
X. X-Rays you’ve had: knees, sinuses, lungs, back, foot

Y, Yummy food you make: ???? I make a mean pot of chili, though only Daryl and I will eat it

Z. Zoo- favorite animal: otters...too cute!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! It is always nice to make new friends with like-minded individuals.

  2. I love this! I just may have to steal the ABC's for my blog!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am your newest follower!

  3. I love the A-Z thing. So creative. What a beautiful family you have!

  4. Stopping by via the UBP11 - I saw you visited me, so I came on by! So glad I did... I am SO with you on the loud chewers (and grammatical & spelling errors)!
    Your family is beautiful and I look forward to following along with your adventues!