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Friday, April 15, 2011

Five years ago...

on the day of Spring Fling at my kids' school, Hannah made an unexpected entrance into the world.  The kids were all excited about Spring Fling--a chance to hang with their friends, play games, eat fun stuff, and best of all, get out of school at noon.  I woke up that day with contractions, but assured the children that I would be there at noon.  No sooner had Daryl gotten on the road to take them to school did I know that this was real, and the only Spring Flinging I would be doing is perhaps something across the room in extreme pain.  My mom went and got the kids and gave them the choice of staying for Spring Fling or coming to the hospital and they all picked the hospital.  They arrived, so eager to meet their little sister.  Unfortunately for them, she didn't arrive until 3 hours after Spring Fling ended, and every year since, they remind Hannah that she caused them to miss it.

Last year, I went and got Hannah from the babysitter's house, bought her tickets and a t-shirt, and with great enthusiasm introduced her to the great ELCA tradition of Spring Fling.  She was less than impressed.  She was sick (found out later it was strep throat) and would not even go near an inflatable.  This year, being the big school girl she is, it was a completely new ball game.

Maddy and Hannah, in my classroom, this morning
 As she was running off to join the fun, I told her to turn around for a picture and this is her pose.  I hope she always loves herself this much!
 Hannah and her "bruddah," who came to school to take her around
 Suffice it to say, she loved the inflatables this year!
 She even went down backwards!
 Hannah and her best friend Gracie

 The Tumblebus.  This bus comes to the preschool every month, and Hannah never wants to go on it.  She says it's "scary."
 Today, maybe because she had a friend with her, she decided that she wanted to try it.  But she was convinced that she had to stand right here, on this piece of posterboard.
 She had a great time inside...and what a cool concept!

 Sarah, before she had to leave for Sound of Music practice
Can't believe my Spring Fling baby girl is about to turn 5!  Where does the time go?


  1. That is so cool- everything is in the bus?

    That picture of Hannah loving herself is precious!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Come on home

    Have a great evening!

    Carolee Sperry
    Creator of The Blogging Buddies Social Network

  2. Happy Birthday to Hannah! What a sweet girl.

    I just posted one titled "9 Years Ago"... it's our oldest's birthday tomorrow. :)

  3. That bus would scare me too!

  4. Happy Birthday, Hannah!