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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

Today, because I have nothing of value to say or show, I am linking up with OhAmanda for her weekly Top Ten Tuesday.  And I really don't even have a proper list of anything....just a few (or ten, I guess) random thoughts/questions that have been running through my head today.

1.  How long is it appropriate to wait before you RSVP to a birthday party?  We sent out invitations last week for Hannah's birthday party last week.  Her party is next Saturday and we've yet to hear from anyone. It breaks my heart into a million pieces to think she will be expecting all of her friends and no one will be there.  Shouldn't we have heard something by now?

2.  I had a disaster of epic proportions this morning.  I ran out of hairspray.  My girls told me I should not use hairspray, that I should let my naturally fine, thin, limp hair be fine, thin, and limp.  That it's the style.  That it would look good.  Better even.  My first student walks in and says, "What happened to your hair?  Did you know it fell down a little?"  Yes,...yes I do.  Thanks for noticing.

3.  Speaking of hair, I have become a bit obsessed with Charlotte's.  Some might say it rivals my obsession with my feet during my last pregnancy.  And they just might be right.  Case in point:  I just spent five minutes and 17 shots trying to get this picture.  Is that a bit of wave I see????!!!! :)

4.  My baby girl will turn five on Thursday.  Five.  When did that happen?  How?  And how did I get so busy that it's now less than 36 hours before her birthday and I've yet to bake a cake or buy a present?

5.  And how pathetic is it that I am having to take a few hours off of work tomorrow to go and bake said cake and buy said presents?

6.  This happens way too often in our house.

In case you couldn't tell, those are socks that my sweet girls are throwing into the air.  Socks from the sock basket, in which all of the socks that come out of the dryer go into until I get around to matching them and putting them away.

7.  The basket has been in our living room for going on three weeks. (and so has that laundry basket in the corner of the picture) When I borrowed my husband's car the other day, I found several packs of new socks.  I guess it's time to actually get to the sock basket (and that laundry basket).

8.  Because of the laundry habits in #6 and #7, I have nightmares that the laundry pile at the foot of our bed will someday overtake us in our sleep.

9.  I have similar nightmares about the mess around my husband's recliner.

10.  And finally, how do you fellow bloggers find the time for the blogosphere?  How do you work (in or outside the home), do the work you have to take home with you, take care of your home and children, spend time with your husband and  have time to keep up with your blog, not to mention the blogs you follow?

Hope you have had a terrific Tuesday!


  1. I love list like this! I usually try to RSVP to parties, but I get busy and forget. Hopefully that's the case with this party and the guests. #2--sometimes I wear my hair curly, and one day one of the students asked me, "What's wrong with your hair? It's so big." I have the opposite problem. I have to work hard to strighten my hair. If I could give you some of my bulk and you could give me a little of your limp, we'd have perfect hair!

  2. Your list was so fun to read. I also want to know others' answers to #10. Personally, I try to write my posts, blog hop, etc when my little one sleeps (early morning, nap, after bedtime). Sometimes if I slack and don't wake up in time, I have to whip up a post while he eats breakfast. Because I don't want to focus on the computer and not him, I have to save my blog hopping/commenting for later. Luckily my phone has internet, so I can log on anywhere and comment or moderate comments anytime.

    (Sorry so long!)

  3. #1 - That is sad that no one has RSVP-ed yet! I notice this habit of not RSVPing from here too. When we had a party recently, I have to go to each and everyone of the invitees to know if they were coming. Most said they were coming and they did, but I was a little annoyed that they didn't RSVP when they are coming anyway.
    #2 - I second your kids. Don't use hairspray anymore!
    #4 - Happy Birthday to Hannah!
    #5 - Good luck!
    #6-#9 - I hate laundry, and folding, and sorting!
    #10 - To keep up with the blogs, I take the laptop with me where ever I am in the house, so that in between chores, while taking a break, I can blog-hop.

  4. I'm like that with laundry too! I can totally relate to baskets lying around the house, especially the dreaded sock dilemma! =)
    I don't 'do' my hair... I used to try, but I just let it airdry and hope for the best. Ponytails were invented for this reason. I am now also considering not wearing foundation to save even more time. Crazy, I know.
    I love your list! {{{HUG}}}

  5. a-the comment you left about me being able to sit on the floor cross legged at 7 months made me smile (what you didn't see was how long it took me to GET BACK UP! that was a sight!)

    b-i have dreams about the stuff on my husbands side of the bed being infested with stink bugs (which I HATE!)

    c-that is so a wave in that hair! how exciting!

    d-I crochet all of the time and make baby blankets for most of the new babes in our church, however, at 7 months pregnant, I have yet to even PICK OUT/BUY yarn (let alone MAKE THE BLANKET) for our little baby...does that make you feel better about hannah's party?

    e-i make time for the blog because it makes me feel better :) plus, I usually don't post on the weekends so I can get more family time in. I'm a super early riser so I usually do my blog posts first thing in the morning and schedule them for later in the day. then when I get free time (like at lunch or break) i go check other blogs out :)

  6. I definitely see a wave!!!
    ya know, I was a bald baby until the age of 3 when my hair started to grow nonstop. Before you know it, Charlotte will have a head full too :)
    My blogging secret so far has been scheduling posts.. it's Ah-may-zing!

  7. Lucas had a party last year where we invited the whole class of 20 and we had like 3 guests, plus a couple of siblings. It was the week before school started and no one was in town - we swore we'd never do that again. The pictures are there under a post in August 2010. I did do a homemade cookie!

  8. I hope people show up- I have found people come they just don't RSVP- which is beyond annoying.
    And the laundry- so right there with you. We have an office that has become a dumping ground for laundry and well i don't think there is ever not laundry there.