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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

My daughter has the role of Frau Schmidt in our school's production of "The Sound of Music."  The performance is in a week, so they have been busy practicing late after school.  We've not been getting home til super late and I'm worn out.  So when I sat down to write tonight, I drew a blank.  Really, I got nothing.

So in honor of the hardworking ELCA drama department and the classic musical, I decided that this Top Ten Tuesday would be all about "a few of my favorite things..."  (but never fear, no whiskers, raindrops, or brown paper packages tied up with string).  Without further ado, a few (like ten, really) of the things that have made me smile this week.

10.  Charlotte's newfound love of books.  She even cries for me to read them.  She loves them...and I LOVE that!

9.  Four whole days of being on plan and exercising.  OK, so during those four days, I wasn't smiling.  especially when my daughters oohed and ahhed over the goodness that is Chick Fil A, but I'm proud of myself now.  It may not be a big thing for anyone else, but for me, it's all about getting in the diet mode.  Once I'm there, I'm good.

8.  Boo Boo Bunny. 
 My sweet room mother made one to see if we wanted to make them Thursday at our Easter party.  I commented about how Hannah is always so sad to leave Boo Boo Bunny at Grandma's, and she gave it to me to give to her.  (btw, we will make them, but not call them BooBoo Bunnies, because doing so would insure that any self respecting first grader would not want to do so)

7.  Sisters that love each other.  And don't argue with each other all. the. way. to . school.  and back.

6.  A four day week.  Need I say more?

5. Little girls playing with plastic Easter eggs.  All of my children have done this before and after Easter.  And while the never-ending game of "Mama, find the eggs!" might get a little tired after the tenth time in an afternoon, it will never get old.

4.  Charlotte discovering jelly beans. ( and big sisters trying to get in the picture)

3.  Elephants

2.  A girl and her dog.

1.  Crushed Ice
(and yes, I do realize how lame this is--but man...I LOVE IT!)


  1. So happy that you are in diet-mode and doing well! I know what a challenge it can be. God bless you in this (and every) journey. :)

  2. #10- I love kid's love for books. But I can only read for my kids up to 3 books at bedtime, even though my son ask for more and more.
    #9 - Exercise is always good for you, But I have never been motivated to do it. So good for you.
    #8 - Boo Boo Bunny - they are so cute! They look like they can be great Easter decoration!
    #7 - I love it when siblings get along! Precious sisters photo.
    #6 - love that, too!
    #5 - I think, I'd rather hide the eggs and the kids find them.
    #4 - Love new discoveries. And I love that Charlotte is 'Charlotte'. We have the same name!
    #3 - Elephants?! Wow! Something new to teach my kids.
    #2 - So adorable - girl and dog! Precious photo!
    #1 - Crushed ice? I think, I prefer 'ice cubes'.
    Great list!

  3. Good job with your diet! (I say that as I'm eating a Reese's egg...)

    And crushed ice is not lame...especially when it's in a snocone :) (ok, the preggo keeps going towards the bad food so maybe I'll leave now!)

    But, I love the Sound of Music, so good luck to your daughter! And yay for four day weeks!

  4. My little niece is about Charlotte's size (she's just over a year now) and she absolutely loves her books too. And I love that. :)