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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Time to Dye the Eggs!

Nothing like waiting until the last minute, and really...that's the way we do things around here, so last night after dinner, we fit in a little egg dying before the little girls went to bed.

Waiting patiently for Mom to get the eggs, etc.

Some waited patiently

Some did not!

 Finally, time to get to work!

 And what holiday tradition would be complete with at least one spill?
 Hannah, I think, enjoyed herself the most.  She stayed long after Charlotte had gone to take her bath and stuck stickers on all of her eggs.
A beautiful rainbow of Easter eggs!


  1. We somehow made it through egg dying with no spills- an Easter Miracle :)

  2. Egg coloring is so much fun for kids!
    My little ones had their egg coloring with their daddy!