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Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Break...Part 1

At exactly 3:35 on Friday afternoon, I texted my husband, gleefully, "WE'RE FREE!" and Spring Break began. It had been a long hard week at school. Crazy kids, crazy parents, impatient/hormonal me. It had been a long week at home--three nights out of five had been spent away from home at track meets, practices, or church. I was tired. My house was (is) a disaster. I missed my little girls terribly. At 3:40, I picked up Hannah from her classroom and she ran to me announcing that she was student of the week when we came back from break and so she got to bring Dino the dinosaur home and document his time with us. Cute idea. She'd been waiting all year for it to be her turn. But my, those words struck fear in my heart. We had the class "pet" that everyone loved and cherished. And it was coming to our house. And it had to come one piece. If you know us even a little bit, you know that we live in the house of no return. Things come into our house and never come out. Reading folders, cake pans, 152 pieces of my mother in law's tupperware, checks (yes...checks)...not to mention the 39 matchless socks we have in our sock basket.
Here is what we did on Saturday while trying not to lose Dino...went to the park. We've been to this park three times in the last three years. The first time was the day before Charlotte was born. I sat on the bench and timed contractions, teary eyed that Hannah was not going to be the baby anymore. The second time was when Charlotte was just over a year old and she screamed every time her hands or feet touched sand (thereby ruining the plans I had to walk the track while she played peacefully with her sisters). This time, it was a big hit for all involved.

Then we came home and Sarah cooked us dinner. She had wanted to make beef stroganoff for a while, so she did. It was yummy!
Today, we took Josh back to Toccoa Falls Christian College for his second visit. We had visited before he graduated and loved it, but lacked the faith that we could pay for it. We made plans for him to live at home and go to a local college--plans that failed miserably when the college required that he live on campus, and we ended up paying just as much as we would have at Toccoa. (And whatta ya know? God did provide!) We had a great visit and once again, we were convinced that Josh should be there. We are trusting this time, that God will provide. It was a great day - one of which I have no pictures, and one during which I unknowingly wore my shirt inside out all. day. long.

Tomorrow, we're off to the lake to visit Grandma and Grandpa. I'm looking forward to some good time with my parents, a little sun, some fun, some good times with my girls.


  1. You have a very beautiful family. Have fun in the sun, ok? Get a tan for me ;)


  2. I hope you have a wonderful time with your beautiful family! Stopping by from the blog party! :)

  3. Lovely to meet you through UBP. This is my first year and I am enjoying finding so many great blogs, like yours.


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  4. your family is PRECIOUS :) Happy you found my blog, following you right back!

    Hope you'll come visit again soon!

  5. Oh my goodness, girl- I'm glad I'm not the only one who's house in a mysterious vacuum for everything (I loved the Tupperware thing... I laughed so hard because it's happened to me too! LOL)and you sound like me- inadvertently going somewhere you at least want to look decent at and ending up walking around with your shirt wrong side out (or backwards, as the case may be! LOL)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! And in the words of 'The Arnold' "I'll be back!"


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  7. What a wonderful looking family!

    lol- I lose stuff here , too!

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  8. Thank you for visiting my blog! You're right, we do have a lot in common. :) My 7 yr old (G) recently brought "Bear" home from school. He had been waiting all year. Bear went everywhere with us and we have loads of photos to prove it! I'm so not ready for searching for colleges. Luckily, I have a few more years before I have to do that! Great to meet you and I can't wait to read more of your posts!

  9. Thanks for stopping by - returning the favour! Lovely family! My kids LOVE, love, love going to grandma and grandpa's. I love that they have such a close relationship -- they only people they run to full tilt, arms open wide, besides mommy and daddy is my parents. I was close to my grandparents, so this is so special to me. Looking forwarding to reading more of you adventures!

  10. The day at the park seems like a fabulous family day, especially ending with yummy beef stroganoff for dinner!
    Good luck to your son! May college life be wonderful for him!