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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter arrived at the Stone household bright and early this morning.  Actually, I was the only one who was up, and the only one happy to be awake.  All of the girls cried at one point or another before we made it out of the door for church, but we still enjoyed a lovely Easter morning together!

The loot

Even for Daryl and me...the card, for both of us.  The candy? Just for Daryl.  I will not eat the Reese's.  I will not eat the Reese's.  I will not eat the Reese's.  Think if I say it enough I will be able to resist? 

Charlotte really didn't know what to think of it all.

Hannah loved it all!

 Pretty Maddy (who was distraught because she didn't like the way her dress looked--I thought she looked gorgeous)

Pretty Sarah (who was distraught because she didn't have enough time to get up and take a shower and get ready and had to have wet hair.  Again...gorgeous)
 Finding eggs hidden in the living room.

My handsome hubby  (+ a moving kidney stone)

Once we got to church, Charlotte caught up with an old friend who was born just 17 days after her.  I will have to admit to some serious hair envy on my part!

She participated in her very first church egg hunt.  Last year, she participated in the long Stone tradition of being scared of the grass and cried.

Oh what a difference a year makes!

Hannah's class came out after the little girls had a chance to find their eggs.

My handsome boy showed up to see help his sisters.  Sigh.  Just seemed like yesterday I was doing this with him.

Both girls enjoyed egg hunting, but enjoyed the slide more!

Hannah and her sweet friend Wilberta.

And her boyfriend, Prince Reilly.

After church, it was off to Nanny's for some good food.

And some "craps." (crafts, in Hannahspeak)  Nanny's craft drawer is full of so much fun stuff!

Later, after Darlene and her girls got there, and Donald and Patricia came for a surprise visit, Hannah decided to perform...with a little help from little sister.

Then it was time to hit the road for naptime for Charlotte, movie time for the big girls, and outside time for Daddy and Hannah.  For me?  grocery store, laundry, meal prep for the week.  So much for my day of rest!
Happy Easter!


  1. Happy Easter to you & yours!! And yes, your girls - big & little - are GORGEOUS (handsome son too!). I loved seeing all the Easter finery at church today .... am going to TRY to post pics later.

  2. Ok, I'm older than your girls and I cried yesterday for the SAME REASONS! Nothing fits right when you're 7 months pregnant and I couldn't get my hair dried in time for church either :(

    And if it makes you feel any better about Charlotte (which is my middle name and my favorite name!) I was BALD AS A BOWLING BALL until I was almost 2 years old and then this SUPER THICK CURLY hair came in and it has NEVER left...even the lady who cuts my hair always tells me it's too thick! Maybe Charlotte will get thick curly hair soon :)

  3. Wonderful Easter Memories :)
    I love all the girls dresses and heart guys in pink!

  4. What a wonderful Easter! And yes your girls are all beautiful. I did not buy any Reese's as I would not be able to resist! My favorite candy for sure

  5. I love the new Easter outfits heading :) Very nice. It sounds like your family had a great Easter. Thanks for sharing with us. (I did eat one Reese's PB Easter Egg, thanks to my own sister who bought herself and me one! LOL)

    Blessings to you and your family this week!

  6. Lovely Easter! Your kids are all so good looking, dressed so nicely! And such precious moments you captured in your photos.

    And btw, I am so loving your new header!